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My Favorite London Christmas Lights Photo| London Photography BnW Photography by Rachel Abrahams

Previously, I shared some of my favorite photos I've taken of the London Christmas Lights but I didn't include this one, even though it is my favorite. Why is it my favorite? Let me count the ways:

  • The classic London buildings lining the edge of the image, feeling like they are leaning into the action
  • The long line of Christmas lights that just don't seem to end as you look waaaaay down the street
  • How the shoppers are blurred with their movement, increasing the feeling like everyone is just scooting along with their shopping

And lastly

  • The one gentleman in the middle who stood long enough to be captured in the image in his lovely red scarf

It's always the details that get me.

I'll admit, I was being a little selfish and didn't share this photo. Mainly because I couldn't decide on whether I preferred it in color or black and white.

So, since I couldn't decide I ask - which way do you like better and why? I promise, there's no right or wrong answer. I just love hearing what appeals to people about the different coloring of the images (kinda like my list up above of my favorite details).

See what I did there? I am letting everyone else make the decision FOR me. Genius, I say.