I read….a lot….a bit obsessed really with being taken away to far off places while sitting in my favorite reading spot. I travel often and was lucky enough to spend my childhood overseas in the Middle East. I heart my 2 pugs who are 10 years apart in age (the older one is blind and the younger one herds him around). I absolutely adore the beach (and am lucky to live across the street from it) but can only enjoy it early/late in the day as I am a ghostly/see through pale with freckles and red hair. I am far too addicted to Disney, Hulu, Netflix, and Comic Books (nerds unite!) and I never say no to avocado on toast.

I love taking photos and I ADORE adding my vivid color imagination to them. It is true the camera cannot always capture what the eye can see but it definitely cannot capture what I see in my mind - and my brain can be a mishmash of color, imagination, and vivid dreams.

I like to think I take the pictures and then make them look like magic fairy dust was floating in the air making everything beautiful (ya, I know that sounds crazy but you get it, right?)

My biggest hope is that the images I take bring some joy & colorful delight for anyone who views them. I travel everywhere hoping to capture something amazing and then get the honor to share it with you (yes, YOU) in the hopes people will also love my vision.