Pizza, Beer, and History | BOSTON PHOTOGRAPHY by Rachel Abrahams

It's hard to visit cities like Boston, Massachusetts and not be in awe of the amount of history and culture embedded into every day life. I have only visited Boston once and it definitely stuck with me (and I plan on going back again - many times).


My husband is an excellent planner and whenever we visit new places, he always manages to find really good things to do and places to eat. We made it a point to go on the Samuel Adams Brewery Tour and had a great time sampling the beers (BIG thumbs up). Afterward, we needed some solid food (and possibly more beer) in our stomachs, so we visited The Original Regina Pizzeria in the North End of Boston. It was awesome to sit there in this old building, smell the amazing fresh cooking, and drink some Sam Adams Seasonal Beer (I think it was their Summer Ale). I also could not take my eyes off the photo on the wall of the restaurant's participation in one of the many Boston festivals and the fact that it looked like the same streamers/money from the image were hanging in the bar just beyond our table.

I didn't know until later that this restaurant has been open since 1926 and is considered one of the original pizza chains. We were also incredibly lucky as there was no wait, when typically it can be up to an hour waiting for a seat. The pizza was insanely good and the fresh from the local brewery Samual Adams beer was excellent. It was also nice to add a slice of history to the meal.


Let's Take a Stroll Around Harvard University | Boston PHOTOGRAPHY by Rachel Abrahams


When we were in Boston, we didn't have a lot of time to sightsee but my husband and I both knew that Harvard University was definitely somewhere we couldn't miss during our visit. When we arrived at the school, it was surreal to be standing in a spot you have heard about your whole life/seen on TV & movies & watch it as a functioning university. The people strolling around wearing Harvard shirts/bags really were students there & not the wandering tourists (like myself). The school gets so much foot traffic though that they had to rope off all of the grassy areas. Otherwise, the herds of gawkers would trample their beautiful lawns into a mess.

The red of the brick and green of the grass were wonderful, but while editing I just thought "Let's try this in black and white" and it was game over. The lines in the brick just popped and I knew the rest of the pictures had to be in black and white, which is a rarity for me (the obsessed with BRIGHT & COLORFUL gal).

It was a quick walkaround but it was still incredible visually.

Did I mention the amount of brick? I tell ya - brick EVERYWHERE!