Under the Sea at the New England Aquarium | BOSTON PHOTOGRAPHY / by Rachel Abrahams


In July, my husband and I had the opportunity to visit Boston, Massachusetts. We were attending a wedding nearby in Maine so it was a great time for me to (finally!) visit Boston. You know how most people have that one place they have always wanted to visit? For me, the one place in the USA I had dreamt of visiting since I was a kid was Boston. I don't know if it was the history, having family in Massachusetts, or the wonderful images of old buildings and city life I had always looked at but something about it really sparked my interest. The good news is - Boston did not disappoint. I fell in love and it was very difficult convincing me to leave.

We were lucky and got to meet up with my cousin and her two sons one of the days we were there. I couldn't remember having visited an aquarium before, so we hit up the New England Aquarium to spend some quality time together. I had a lot of fun getting pictures.