Walt Disney World

Fantabulous Fall Fun At The Magic Kingdom | Disney Photography by Rachel Abrahams


During the fall season, I get very jealous of the beautiful weather happening up north. Florida's fall weather consists of cooler temps (70's), some rainy days depending on the fronts moving through, and the official ending of Hurricane season (yes, we Floridians celebrate the end of Hurricane season - especially the "dry" years). The major photographic bonus of fall are some amazing sunrises and sunsets.

As a result, I fill my home with red/orange/yellow hued fall decorations to help get myself in the spirit of the season and I also make the time to go to Disney to see their wonderful fall and Halloween decorations. When I see their decorations up, then I know fall has arrived!

Magic Kingdom always adds the sparkle with multiple decorations, especially up and down Main Street. Mickey pumpkins are in every corner, fall leaves abound, and it definitely gets you in the spirit. When these decorations go up, it's not only seasonal but it indicates Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party has arrived! This is a specialty party requiring a separate admission ticket and I love going because it means adults can dress up too and trick or treat! I'm all about socially accepted adult trick or treating. Yet another reason why Disney is awesome (yup, just letting my Disney nerd flag fly right now).

At night, the park gets even more into the Halloween spirit with specialty lighting and Halloween music playing. I truly believe Disney's most magical time in the parks is at night. If you haven't seen the park at night (or only when you're crazy exhausted from hoofing it through the parks all day), then you're missing out. I am such a fan of visiting at night. Can you tell?.

........And here's a bonus set of pictures showing my cousins and I dressed up for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. We had a blast coordinating as a group and made lots of people smile and laugh with our colorful nerd costumes. EVERY SINGLE character we met tried to spin the propellers on our hats. Buzz Lightyear did it repeatedly, which cracked me up. It was loads of fun. We have already started throwing around some ideas for next year.

FYI, I'm in the green.


I Am Craving Color by Rachel Abrahams

It is grey outside. Dreary, wet, and grey so I was craving some color. I know I shouldn't complain as some people are dealing with snow. I am dealing with the post "I took my holiday decorations down" blues and the weather isn't helping.

This was taken at Epcot, Walt Disney World, during the 2012 Food & Wine Festival. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it. Just be ready for some crowds & some raucous attendees (hello, it's not just wine they are serving). It's great for people-watching because some groups have hilarious "I drank around the world" (i.e. Epcot's World Showcase) shirts on as well as crazy hats to keep you highly entertained.

I'm not feeling very witty or descriptive today (not a lot of sleep - last night was the pug puppy's first night sleeping in the bed) so I am going to just leave you with the awesome sunset colors as your take home feel good of the day.

Magic Of Main Street | DISNEY PHOTOGRAPHY by Rachel Abrahams


To me, this is the classic Walt Disney World memory of Magic Kingdom: Walking up Main Street, Cinderella's castle lit up in the distance as a beacon of imagination, balloon vendors selling the classic Mickey balloons, families stopping in the middle of main street to pose for the Disney Photopass Photographers, and crowds meandering along the sides where the shops are to either do some window shopping or find the perfect souvenir. I absolutely love to stop here and take it all in but sometimes it can just be too crowded to take a moment and enjoy this. I was so happy I could capture it this lovely evening. We were entering the park for Magic Hours (12AM-3AM) so most people were clearing out, exhausted, and ready to go back to their hotel beds. We were just getting started - fresh and energized!

I have Disney on the brain lately. I haven't gone that much this year (well, MY definition of not that much) because it was just SOOOOO hot. I'm telling you, the locals don't go to Disney when it is so hot. If we do, it's because our relatives are visiting since their kids are out of school. We are lucky enough to be able to delay and go when the weather is better and this is the time of year for it. (Insider's Tip: February and March are also great times to go and the crowds aren't as massive then.The weather can be a bit unpredictable but I trade that any day for crazy long lines and heat.)

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is going on at Magic Kingdom right now and so is the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. Soon enough, the holiday decorations will go up and all the holiday activities will begin. I get super excited when that begins. Disney's Christmas decorations are amazing. So, it's "Disney Season" for me. It's time to get over there while the weather isn't too hot and before the HUGE holiday crowds show up in December.

When you visit Disney, what is "The Thing" you have to do that makes it real and allows you to know the magic has begun? Is it Main Street as well? Or is it a certain ride? Restaurant? Classic Disney treat? I'd love to know. For me, seeing any of the Disney parks at night and lit up is an absolute must. That's when the magic really happens for my trip.

The Clouds Are Real, I Swear by Rachel Abrahams


I showed this to someone recently & the first thing they said was "Cool sky. Is that a stock image or did you Photoshop it in yourself?"

Huh? What?

Until that moment, the idea that the sky looked so nice that I couldn't have possibly captured it that way had not occurred to me but I promise you, I did. It was incredibly hot that day (of course it was, it's Florida) and there were storms coming later which meant the preceding weather was an oppressive heat that made me question my sanity for being anywhere outside that day. There were soooooooo many people at the Animal Kingdom park in Walt Disney World and I really didn't want to spend a lot of time in the park. My mom was willing to be my partner in crime while I wandered around looking for ideal photo opportunities with the promise we would ride Expedition Everest (excellent roller coaster) and also have lunch at Tusker House (it was delish). I know this isn't the most original photo and many people before me have taken this shot but I HAD to do it when I saw these amazing clouds floating by. They were moving quickly so I just stood there waiting for the right "grouping" and took my moment.

Plus, if you look in the water you can see the reflection of the sky. I may be getting better at Photoshop these days but there is NO WAY I am that good, haha!

P.S. In my opinion, Animal Kingdom is my least favorite of all the parks at Walt Disney World. When I think of going there, images of oppressive heat, overwhelmingly crowded walkways, and battles with double-wide plastic strollers invade my mind. Maybe I haven't given it an honest chance but I've been approximately 10 times now and I only look forward to Asia & Expedition Everest. Anyone else feel this way? Willing to convince me otherwise?