New York City

A Change Of Style | NYC PHOTOGRAPHY by Rachel Abrahams


So, I've been wrestling a debate in my own mind for months now & I think I've finally come to an understanding. (Note: Debating yourself is not a pastime I would encourage. It's exhausting, to say the least.) What was my debate? Well, I know there's this conversation going on all the time in photography of things being overly edited & processed versus the more realistic and natural image conveying reality. I have worked very hard to get my technical skills up to par to where I can minimally edit my photos afterward (some adjusting of exposure, bumping contrast/brightness, and tweaking levels of saturation - less than 5 minutes & BOOM - photo is done). That's been great, I've learned so much, I still have so much more technical learning to do BUT (& you knew this was coming) the artist inside me is suffering.

I don't see things in reality. I have a fairly fantastical mind that adores fairytales, fantasy, science fiction, & pretty much anything that is incredibly far from reality (Harry Potter fan? Uhhhh, yup!). I am also a HUGE fan of color. Bright, bold, shining, sweeping levels of color. So, I needed to decide what I wanted & what I want is to paint more. That is, I want to manipulate, colorize, switch the colors, step awaaaayyyyyyy from reality, stretch the boundaries, & have more fun. I do this (photography) entirely for my inner joy. I have a full time job & photography is where my right brain gets to spin, jump, and dance with artistic creativity. I haven't had enough of that lately. I was locking myself into my own cubicle rules of photography etiquette.

So what does this mean? You will be there to see my style evolve, my vision become more assured, me push my mind's eye boundaries, probably some mistakes, possible over-edits, and a rotation of visual styles. In other words, the adventure that is my life. I am super excited to see how this evolves & I look forward to all of your feedback & comments!

A Guy's Gotta Eat | NYC PHOTOGRAPHY by Rachel Abrahams


I can't even imagine how cold it gets in winter and have a job where you are required to stand outside. We came in from the December cold of New York City to grab some warm dinner & I looked up to see this gentleman, still in full winter gear (minus the gloves), ordering dinner. I couldn't resist snapping a photo but I also made sure to make the camera disappear really quickly.

No need having a police officer get mad at me, right? That's not the souvenir postcard I would want to send home.

"Wish You Were Here - in jail - with me and my confiscated camera."

Walking Amongst the Shadows | NYC PHOTOGRAPHY by Rachel Abrahams


When I look at this picture, I always think of the childhood sing-song "step on a crack, break your mother's back". I think it's because of the line breaks on the sidewalk from both the tree shadows as well as the hand rails. If that saying is true, then it looks like this guy hit the triple jack pot.

Poor mom. She's probably in traction now because her son didn't mind the cracks.