I Am Craving Color by Rachel Abrahams

It is grey outside. Dreary, wet, and grey so I was craving some color. I know I shouldn't complain as some people are dealing with snow. I am dealing with the post "I took my holiday decorations down" blues and the weather isn't helping.

This was taken at Epcot, Walt Disney World, during the 2012 Food & Wine Festival. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it. Just be ready for some crowds & some raucous attendees (hello, it's not just wine they are serving). It's great for people-watching because some groups have hilarious "I drank around the world" (i.e. Epcot's World Showcase) shirts on as well as crazy hats to keep you highly entertained.

I'm not feeling very witty or descriptive today (not a lot of sleep - last night was the pug puppy's first night sleeping in the bed) so I am going to just leave you with the awesome sunset colors as your take home feel good of the day.

Hidden Inside Epcot Morocco | Disney photography by Rachel Abrahams


When visiting Epcot, most people do 1 or 2 things: Ride all the rides in Future World and/or drink their way through the World Showcase. Now, I know that's not true for everyone but it's very common. I feel like people are missing out so much in the World Showcase when they only spend time at the bars because the awesomeness is not so plainly obvious (say that 10x fast). So, what is there for you to do when you visit the World Showcase? Most people see the countries as boring yet I get so excited about the DETAILS. Ya, I know this is easier said than done if you've got kids in tow but I challenge you the next time you visit Epcot's World Showcase to really wander into and around the "countries". You will be amazed at everything hidden. Move awaaaaay from the lagoon in the middle of the World Showcase and back into the alleys of the countries.

My favorite example of this? Epcot's Morocco. Here is only a small photo sampling of what there is to offer but there is a bazaar hidden in this area. Did you know that?!?

Excellent music and things to see in the World Showcase! Trust me.

P.S. If you do have kids in tow, there are kid stations in each of the countries where they can pick up a mask on a stick and then take it around to every country to get it signed in the country's native language. This definitely helps keep the kids entertained! We picked ours up in Italy and went from there. We also challenged my two cousins to ask everyone how to say hello & goodbye in their native language and learn it.

Which is the better photo? Color or Black and White? | Disney PHOTOGRAPHY by Rachel Abrahams


I need your opinions! Which do you like better? The color photo or the black and white photo? And why (if you don't mind)? Go with your instinct. Both have their positives but I want to choose the one with the biggest impact.

This was taken at Walt Disney World's Epcot in the World Showcase - Morocco.