A Local Icon: Ron Jon Surf Shop / by Rachel Abrahams


I don't think I've had a family/friend yet visit Brevard and not also want to go to Ron Jon's for a souvenir, including a shirt (the usual), a surfboard (for the bold), or a sticker (for the person who doesn't want to pay the Ron Jon prices). It started as this little shack where you could rent surfboards, body boards, etc. as well as buy some shirts, shoes, and bathing suits but later became the neon behemoth you see today. The colors are beautiful and it is definitely best seen at night when the lights are bright and appealing. I visited it on a whim, after getting lost trying to find the Cocoa Beach Pier, and it was definitely well worth it. I even meandered next door to the Cocoa Beach Surf Company, which I had never visited before, to see their indoor aquarium, hotel, restaurant, and Starbucks.